A consolidated team is a more productive one

Team Building

Having an important role in team performance, team building doesn’t consider every employee as an individual, but a part of a team. The recreational activities done together with the colleagues from the professional environment contribute to the cohesion of the team.

A good communication between the members of the team becomes an efficient communication in the professional field as well, to which is added the openness to work together, the trust in the members of the team, the ability to solve problems, developing mind and action flexibility of the team, building a common vision and goals, stimulation of a competitive environment.

The motivation of the team is also important for the retention of the employees, considering the fact that nowadays employees look not only for professional, but also personal benefits in choosing a job.

How can a team building improve the communication between employees?

Even if the professional environment is formal and demands a sort of strictness, a team will become more efficient if there is created a familiarity between its members through team building. When you feel closer to a person, you are more open to ask questions, to say exactly what you want, or to make a remark.

Moreover, creating closer relations between the colleagues at work has a considerable contribution to the trust that exists between the members of the team. Regarding the communication, as well as the professional relation in general, the trust is very important.

How contributes a team building to employees’ satisfaction?

The satisfaction of the employees at their job is more and more important for the companies, and also for the specialty literature and publications. This is due to the fact that employee satisfaction and motivation efficiency has already been proved.

There are many quotes in the professional field, which underline the importance of employee satisfaction in the working place, such as: Confucius: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, H. Jackson Brown, Jr.: Find a job you like and you will add 5 days to every week, Bob Dylan: A successful person wakes up in the morning, and goes to bed in the evening, and in this period of time he does only what he wants, Steve Jobs: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

When a person feels good in a collective, the activity in the workplace per general becomes more pleasant. A good team manager will find the right balance between formal and informal, between seriousness and fun.

How team building influences the performance of the team?

When employees work with pleasure, their efficacy and effectiveness improves, because the burden of doing something that you don’t want doesn’t weight down on them. On the contrary, the employees will begin to stimulate each other, to be ambitious and motivated by the performance of the team and by the competitiveness which appears between teams.

Furthermore, the improvement of the communication between the members of the team translates into a good time management, because the gaps from a defective communication can be eliminated through team building. The time spared can now be used to increase the productivity of the company.

The benefits we offer

  • Performance

    a close team is a more productive one

  • Employee Loyalty

    employee motivation is strongly related to the loyalty towards their job

  • Communication

    a good communication in a company translates into an efficient time management and good results

  • Collaboration

    the help provided to the members of the team during the team building develops abilities reflected in the professional field

  • Flexibility

    new situations in which the team is put contribute to its flexibility

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