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Timisoara, the biggest city from the West of the country, has a very beautiful architecture, because it has been influenced by many cultures. Thanks to the mild weather, the city has many beautiful parks and gardens where you can relax, wherefrom Timisoara received the name “The City of Flowers”.

Timisoara was between the first cities in the world that entered the tramway pulled by horses (1869), here was used for the first time the public transport on water (on Bega channel),Timisoara being the first city in Europe, and the second city in the world after New York, which introduced electrical lighting on the streets (1884).

The urban center of Banat region is a cosmopolitan city, which remarks itself through a vibrant cultural life. Frequently, Timisoara is referred to as “Little Vienna”, because of the fact that the city hosts throughout the year theatrical and musical events, art galleries, museums, and because of its agitated nightlife.

Why you should opt for a team building in Timisoara?

  • A team building in Timisoara gives you the possibility to consolidate the team in locations with spectacular landscapes, which will disconnect you and will improve your inner strength.
  • Green Roua offers you a team of trainers specialized in team building from Timisoara who have a large experience in creating personalized programs according to a company’s needs.
  • During a team building in Timisoara you will obtain personal and professional development through indoor and outdoor activities.
  • If you love water sports, we invite you to enjoy a few days full of adrenaline in a team building nearby Timisoara, at Mures River, or Valiug Lake.
  • During a team building in Timisoara, you can visit the tourist attractions: The Museum of Banat, Metropolitan Cathedral, Romanian Opera, The Beer Factory, The Green Forest, The floral clock, The Village Museum, and other interesting and beautiful places.
  • The Green Roua team invites you to explore the city through a city quest in which you will visit the most beautiful places of the city, you will be active, you will satisfy your curiosity, and you will have guaranteed fun!

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