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Procurement Outsourcing and Marketing Outsourcing 


How can you reduce expenses by outsourcing?


A typical organization spends 50% or even more of its revenue on procured goods and services and any reduction in that 50% of spend has a direct impact in improving bottom-line profitability.

As an experienced procurement service provider, we offer an enterprising approach to procurement outsourcing that is focused on delivering a significant return on investment to clients.

What if you could leverage the power of procurement transformation today and add no additional expense to your on-going cost of operations?

You can, with procurement outsourcing from Green Roua Group.

Our procurement outsourcing infrastructure operationalizes best practices from across industries, purpose-built on a continually improved, state-of-the-art layer of tools and technology.

We focus on cost saving through quality services and well-trained personnel. At Green Roua Group, we have experienced category specialists in the field, working with dedicated market intelligence and analytics teams.

We generate real cost savings for business. Our approach is directly aligned with yours – we seek to buy as few items as possible at the lowest available costs.

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Is your company suitable for procurement outsourcing?


Procurement can be very complex and cost consuming in many large companies so some of them are outsourcing procurement rather than build their own world-class procurement capabilities.

A procurement outsourcer can leverage their economies of scale and have the experience and trained staff that cut costs and enhance efficiencies.

Smaller companies that have experienced growth spurts and have few internal purchasing resources are also outsourcing procurement to take advantage of external structures and expertise.

Others that do not have the market leverage to obtain good discounts or the expertise to find good suppliers or purchasing staff are also turning to outsourcing procurement.

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What are the main benefits that can be gained?


  • Cost reduction from head count, training, office space and computerization.
  • Market leverage allowing for better discounts.
  • Transaction cost per purchase are lowered by economies of scale.
  • Marketing knowledge of which suppliers are best for each product to be purchased.
  • Highly skilled staff that specialize in purchasing.
  • Improved communication between purchasing experts and the company staff.
  • Better management information and purchasing analysis is available for people who understand the purchasing environment.
  • Globalization means that the same products are often required in different countries.
  • Negotiation by an expert in the field is often more effective and profitable.

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What do we offer?


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