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From August 5 to August 7, 2016 the team building called “The Smart Team”, organized by Green Roua took place at Maria Rustic Resort, Buteni, Arad County. After a succesful team building held last year, Carpat Sticks company decided to choose Green Roua again to conduct the trip and the activities.

There were 56 participants at the training, from the production department.

The usefulness and importance of the team building are highlighted in the evaluation questionnaires, completed by 46 of the participants. There has been positive feedback on the trainer’s expertise, the group coordination, indoor examples, outdoor exercises, the dynamics and the interaction within the group, the location and the materials.

The participants  have expressed their interest in future team buildings organized by Green Roua, as a result of the general satisfaction of the participants, regarding the conducted team building.

The major objectives pursued during the team building were:

– Improving communication at team level

– Increasing mutual understanding of team members

– Improving group dynamics

– Improving interaction within the team

– Increasing team cohesion

– Increasing the confidence of the team members

– Improving the flexibility of the team

– Stimulating a competitive environment

– Increasing motivation and satisfaction

In order to achieve the objectives, the trainers used a comprehensive approach, which contained several working methods. The methods used took into account the participants’ level of training, their professional training and the feedback from them.

Thus, the main working methods were:

– Exercises of getting known and mutual understanding

– Group activities

– Team work

– Exercises to increase team cohesion

– Exercises to improve flexibility and team dynamics

Exercises: Start-Stop, Dragon’s Head, Writing as a team, Batul, Filling the glass with a sponge, Spiderweb, Flower of the team, The rack.

Material resources used: conference room, program + rules for proper unfolding of the team building, sheets of paper, flip chart, markers, pens, balls, rope, tape, scotch tape, sponges, scissors, cuters, plastic bottles, tennis paddle, camera, instructions on games, evaluation quizzes, plus other necessary materials for the proper conduct of the activities undertaken within the team building.

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