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The Negotiation and Cost breakdown training organized by Green Roua was held in the Gold Hall, at Lido Hotel. Participants from various companies (Oechsler, Berg Banat, Carpat Sticks, PPS) had the opportunity to check their current skills and learned new techniques of negotiation.

The specialized trainer from Green Roua has provided them four interactive exercises, simulating real negotiation situations,  relevant to the positions they occupy within their companies and industries.

On the other hand, there was a theoretical component, designed to answer the following questions:

1. Why negotiation should be ‘win-win’?

2. What are the issues that I want to negotiate?

3. What are my interests and which could be the interests of the seller?

4. Which is my negotiating strength?

5. What are my goals?

6. When should I let them know  my objectives?

7. What negotiating strategy am I going to use?

8. In what order will I negotiate the issues?

9. What backup plan do I have?

10. Where will the negotiation take place and how will it unfold?

11. How can I complete a negotiation successfully?

12. What are the best practices after the negociation?

The experience of the trainer stood out, by reaching the most important aspects in an effective presentation, leaving time for practical examples. The participants received the entire course on USB memory sticks offered by Green Roua.

The usefulness of the course was outlined after the training as well. After observing the behavior of the participants during the negotiation and cost breakdown simulations, the trainer drew up an assessment, identifying opportunities for improvement of their capabilities and staff development.

Also, each of them received a map, a pen and a satisfaction assessment questionnaire. Participants’ feedback was positive, being very satisfied with the information they accumulated, the applicability of the cost breakdown and negotiation course, the trainer’s preparation and the dynamic interaction developed during the training.

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