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Linde Gas Romania Company is a leader on industrial gas market at a national level.

Within Linde Gas, Green Roua organized an intermediate level Excel Training. The participants of the training were a number of 14, these being part of, with only one exception, the financial department.

Our specialized trainer, at the beginning of the training, made an initial evaluation of the level of the participants regarding Excel knowledge and abilities, in order to adapt his training to the participants’ real need for training.

Proving adaptability and pedagogical skills, Green Roua’s trainer succeeded to cover, in the Intermediate Excel training, beginning and advanced level information, because the group of participants was mixed.

Moreover, the training was adapted to the current challenges of Linde Gas employees from the financial department. The participants were presented useful and easy to use instruments to ease their everyday job, the participants themselves asking for solutions for their problems.

From the evaluation surveys comes the conclusion that the training was important and useful. There were made positive assessments towards the information received, the trainer’s formation, the participants being 100 % very satisfied by the Green Roua Excel training.

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