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Because in most of the companies in the world purchasing represent over 50 % of sales budget, the companies invest more and more in training specialized people in purchasing.

The participants at Effective Purchasing Training, organized Open in Timisoara, came from big companies at a national level, such as Mega Profil, TME (Transfer Multisort Elektronik), Custom, Mahle, and Oechsler.

During the training the participants passed through all the necessary stages to be initiated in the purchasing field: an initial evaluation of the need for training, theoretical information and practical examples, and the possibility to use the new information.

Being that through every project we develop we look for guarantees that our effort is successful, and because we search for new ways to improve our work methods, at the end of every training course, we apply the participants an evaluation survey.

After the Purchasing Training feedback analysis, all the participants from the West side of the country companies were satisfied with the information offered by our training, the teaching method and the structure of the course.

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