The Customer Care training, requested by Contitech, took place on 5th of May,  at the company headquarters.

It was delivered by a trainer who has 11 years of experience in project management and development for more than 150 clients, as general manager, commercial manager, project manager, and 5 years’ experience in consulting management, sales and acquisitions for companies and multinationals , within various fields of activity, from services to industry.

The complex training was efficiently presented over the course of a day and covered both theoretical and practical activities that stimulated the participants’ thinking and interaction.

portof conti

Among the themes approached, there were:

  • The best experience in customer relationship
  • What Customers value
  • Principles, practices, values
  • Dependence-Independence-Interdependence
  • The 7 habits of effective people

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  • What do customers appreciate?
  • Poker tower
  • Painting interpretation
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Continuous improvement
  • Team building – appreciation
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