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123ContactForm is a company that builds online contact forms. They have recently released a new plugin, CaptainForm, which creates forms in WordPress. The company, one of the sponsors of the WordCamp Belgium event, needed an exhibition stand for advertising and promotion during the fair.

Green Roua developed the creative concept, the marketing strategy and the advertising materials for this event in Belgium.

In proposing the products and the marketing actions, Green Roua took into account several key objectives such as awareness among participants regarding the CaptainForm brand, increasing the number of web developers, designers and digital agencies who trust the brand, raising the top of mind awareness and creating a buzz around the product they offered.

Green Roua team built the concept of the company presentation at the event, the design  of the exhibition stand, promotional materials’ design and activation proposals at the fair, according to the marketing strategy.

We wanted to position this brand in the consumer’s mind as a friendly, easy to use plugin which transforms users into superheroes through the features provided. Also, the emphasis was placed on added value, compared to the competition.

For the promotion within the fair, Green Roua delivered a complete package of solutions, consisting of: pop-up banner with spotlights, desk, flyers, business cards, personalized tablecloth, customized USB sticks.

The design of advertising materials followed an elegant and effective direction, keeping the colors from the product’s website, thereby falling into the integrated marketing communication for the client’s brand.

In order to create awareness, Green Roua proposed for the promotional items presented at the event to include in their design the idea and the appearance of a contact form, thereby facilitating the understanding of the product and the message they wanted to convey.

The marketing concept, the copywriting on their advertising materials and the design, are all meant to get the attention of participants at the fair and promote the brand image. Potential customers who visit the stand, will receive a memory stick personalized with the brand’s logo. The USB is key – shaped, suggesting the solutions they offer and includes a presentation of the plugin. Thus, advertising continues also after the fair and it differentiates CaptainForm, which will remain in the memory of the consumer, who has access to information about the product.

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