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E-mail marketing is an effective marketing tool, which offers several advantages.

Lower costs. Sending emails to the contacts from a database has a much lower cost than advertising offline, on TV or on the radio. Green Roua is able to filter their own databases and other databases of their partners, the promotion reaching thousands of potential customers.

Relevant and immediate results. Besides low cost, email marketing provides results that can be measured in a short time. So after a successful email marketing campaign, your site should see many more visits, and more orders. So, email marketing can be considered a safe method to increase sales, especially if the email is addressed to people interested in your company’s products. Green Roua has databases containing relevant contacts, in this way, targeting the  audience precisely, depending on the customer’s profile.

The short duration of implementation. E-mail marketing is fast. If you seek a competitive advertising agency, implementing an email marketing campaign will not last too long. It means that in a very short time, the e-mail will reach many people, which can not be said about offline marketing. Thus, through e-mail marketing campaigns, Green Roua offers an efficient automatic promotion method for the customers.

Clear analysis of efficiency. The results of email marketing campaigns are easily tracked and measured. Green Roua advertising agency will provide a series of statistics after sending the campaign. How many people opened your email, how many clicked and visited your website, which was the bounce rate, which were the most viewed products and more. These analyzes are statistics that will greatly help future e-mail marketing campaigns. Observe customer’s interest for certain products, which of them should be further promoted in order to increase the sales.

Reliability. The e-mail marketing is very reliable. You can select what subscribers you want, their number, the message, the offers, the products, all of which are sent at any time and to targeted customers. Targeting can be based on several criteria such as demographics.

Multiple alternatives. To see how they react to various database newsletters, the advertising agency can do a segmentation and different options of promotional e-mails can be sent. In this way, you can choose the newsletter with the most effective results, with the most attractive graphics and the best products.


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