Business cards

The image of a company should be built based on the quality of its products / services and the way of working; on the other hand, on visual elements like the design of its website or business cards. They are equally important, because in general, one of these two elements will be the first contact with customers.

A business card is an integral part of the marketing plan of a company. And it is an extremely effective one, relative to its size and cost of production. Of course, you should not expect its design to tell everything about your company, but it may present a professional image that people can remember.

It is well known that a thing so small could have such great significance. By having a business card, you establish a contact and also communicate essential information about your company. Business cards must have a very close connection to the other materials of the company, in order for it not to lose its identity, so their design must be done accordingly.

Thus, when creating the business card’s design, Green Roua team firstly identifies the style which best supports the image that the customer wants to promote for his company.

Also, the quality of business cards is very important, and it is highlighted both by the materials used for production, printing, and by the chosen design.

In conclusion, the role of business cards is well integrated in marketing, because they “sell” our image, our personal brand or the brand of the company we represent. They are also a  communication instrument: place us in a certain location, define our status in society, providing indirect information on education, professional experience.



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