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Among the advertising product services provided by Green Roua, there are digital print articles: banner, mesh, sticker. Also, the Green Roua marketing agency is specialized in creating the design of these materials.

The frontlit banner is a material of print, ideal for a wide range of applications, especially outdoor; it is used in displays, for making commercials without light or commercials illuminated from the outside, billboards, large digital prints. Printed on high resolution, the banner can be used successfully in many indoor applications as well. Printed banners have a very good durability, resistance to mechanical factors (scratching), water and UV. A liquid rolling solution can be applied on the printed surface of the banner, thus increasing its resistance over time. The printing of the banner material: It can be made both at economic resolutions (print at 360 dpi) and high resolutions or photographic (720 -1440 dpi), these prints can be successfully used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Applications: billboards, ornaments for advertising spaces, street display, printed auto tilts, led advertising panels, advertising panels, awnings.

The blockout banner (banner with two sides) is a material composed of special polyester fabric and consists of 3 layers. The middle layer is black to prevent the passage of light and thus combining graphics on one side to the other. The print on blockout banner has a superior durability than other types of banners and offers at the same time, conditions for very good quality print. Blockout banner is ideal for a wide range of applications, suitable for both interior and exterior.

Blockout banner has a very good durability and resistance to mechanical factors (scratching), water and UV. A liquid rolling solution can be applied on the printed surface of the banner, thus increasing its resistance over time.

Printing of double sided banner material: given that exposure is at big distances from viewers (from electricity poles, billboards lifted off the ground, etc.) printing is done on the economic resolution (print at 360 dpi). A printing at high resolution, photographic (720 -1440 dpi), is performed on demand and it is justified only for indoor exposures.

A mesh is a material designed especially for outdoor exposure applications.

It is used to cover surfaces such as windows, shop windows, buildings with glass surface, etc. It has  the advantage that it blocks the passage of light only in a small measure, due to the perforations that is provided with. Printed mesh is most often used for very large advertisements for two reasons: firstly due to the advantage of facilitating the passage of light and secondly, due to its low weight, compared to the printed banner (the weight of mesh is almost half of the weight of printed banner).

Usually, the printed mesh resolution is economic (360 dpi – 720 dpi). For images printed on mesh there is no need for a higher resolution because the ads printed on mesh are viewed from big distances and resolution is not relevant in these situations.

The PVC Sticker is the most used material in the print advertising industry.

Printing on PVC Sticker is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Printed sticker with solvent / ecosolvent for indoor / outdoor medium is recommended on medium term (prints of different sizes, decorating vehicles, various signs, displays, etc.). Depending on the destination, you can choose from several types of sticker. There are PVC stickers suitable for decorating flat surfaces (or slightly curved) and printed sticker for use on curved surfaces (for example, for decorating vehicles).

Due to the diversity of their applications, manufacturers offer a variety of PVC stickers, specific to many types of advertising projects: matte, glossy, white, transparent, colored, with white glue, with gray glue, with transparent adhesive. PVC sticker can be chosen also depending on the sustainability: for decorations on short term, medium term or permanent.


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