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Lego, the famous manufacturer of toys contacted Green Roua for an entertainment and training program within their 2018 Christmas Party.

The exercises that our trainer prepared had multiple objectives: to improve the communication within a team, help coworkers increase the efficiency, focusing their efforts towards the same goal in order to find solutions to a problem, manage a project together. The team building assignments challenged their creativity, logical thinking, the team spirit on one hand and their competitive nature on the other.


Around 50 Lego employees were divided into 5 teams for the training.


The first exercise, Solve the LEGO, teaches the participants that usually, the solution is already there, we just have to listen carefully and analyze the data given to us. It also tests the mathematical logic.


The next game is a perfect fit for this type of corporate party. Guess the Christmas Song challenges the teams to write down the title of a Christmas carol, based on one line of the song.

The main purpose of this game is to relax the employees and introduce them in the Christmas mood along with their colleagues, create a pleasant memory together, so when they go back to work, in case of having a disagreement with a coworker, they can remember how they guessed the “Silent Night” song together (that night when all is calm, all is bright) and it may help them keep calm, solve their little conflict peacefully and quickly. The point is, when you get to know people in a more relaxed, cheerful environment, you start seeing them from another perspective, maybe with better eyes and that also improves your work relationships.


The third task proposed by our trainer challenges their creativity and not only. In ‘Centenary poetry’ game, the participants have to express their thoughts about the Romanian Centenary starting from a few key words. They can choose whether to write them in lyrics, with or without rhymes, in Romanian or English. The trainer expected creativity, a sense of humor, emotion and an out of the box message for Romania. The fact that the Lego teams included many foreigners made it even more interesting and different.

This activity has multiple objectives: to test their creativity; the team spirit on one hand and their competitive nature on the other. The trainer gave them the chance to propose a key word for another team. So, they could have made their opponents’ task easier or harder. Regarding the content, each of them may come up with great ideas, but within a team, you have to find a common point, so the outcome doesn’t seem disrupted. Like the pieces of Lego, they may be nice separately, but we must join them in order to enjoy the toy. Firstly, the poem created by a united team, would be one that follows a central theme, so we can see the big picture, which means, at some point, they may need to change or adapt their vision to match it with the others. This is about team work and being flexible. Secondly, we don’t want repetition, reading almost the same verse several times would be boring. Here it’s about their personal contribution to the team, each of them bringing his own talent and doing his best for maximizing the final result.


The following game, Mime Time, trained the participants’ ability to read the signs from their colleagues’ body language. A timer was used to stimulate their rapidity as well. Sometimes, when thoughts are not said out loud, in order to better understand your coworkers and successfully complete a team project, it is important to see beyond the spoken words. It also applies for our clients. They may often not specify the source of their dissatisfaction, but we should sense it, so we can improve our services towards them, retain them and induce loyalty.


The closing activity was a photography contest, which aimed for the teams to take the funniest group pictures at the photo booth.


All the team building activities offered to the company were tailored for Lego’s multicultural team, took into account the group profile and also the fact they were gathering at a Christmas Party. The entire communication was provided in English.

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